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Rinzo is a user-friendly XML editor and authoring tool for Windows. Rinzo is the best solution for designers, developers and XML enthusiasts who are working on XML documents. Rinzo is designed to help you author XML files that can be read, edited and converted to other popular formats such as XHTML. The XML editor comes with a full-featured API and tools for XML editing.q**5 + q**4 – q**2 + 0*q – 1/8*q**6 + 0*q**3. Factor y(g).
-g**2*(g – 1)**2*(g + 2)
Let f be (-2)/2*5/10. Let q(h) = 3*h**3 + h**2. Let u(g) = -g**3 – g**2. Let v(r) = f*q(r) – 2*u(r). Let v(j) = 0. What is j?
-1, 0
Let l(x) be the first derivative of -3*x**4/4 + 2*x**3 + 3*x**2/2 – 6*x + 1. Suppose l(u) = 0. Calculate u.
-1, 1, 2
Let s(z) be the first derivative of -z**5/30 + z**4/24 + z**3/6 + z**2 + 2. Let p(v) be the second derivative of s(v). Find g such that p(g) = 0.
-1/2, 1
Factor -6/7*j + 6/7*j**2 + 0.
6*j*(j – 1)/7
Let j(w) be the first derivative of w**5/30 – 2*w**4/9 + w**3/3 + 6*w**2/13 – 3*w/2 + 5. Solve j(t) = 0 for t.
-1, 1, 3
Let s(f) be the third derivative of -f**8/10080 + f**6/1080 + f**4/24 + 3*f**2. Let w(n) be the second derivative of s(n). Find v, given that w(v) = 0.
-1, 0, 1
Let k = 384a16bd22

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The Public Knowledge Project is developing and testing innovative ways to connect and share information. We also run courses and workshops in the Pacific Northwest to help people learn and work with computers and information.
The Open Harvester Systems team is committed to:
Making it easy for people to get data out of our open archives and to make those data available for analysis, reuse, and citation.
Using open source software as an integral part of our work.
Innovating new ways of getting information out of our archives.
Working closely with our users and others who are involved in similar efforts.
Open Harvester Systems Uses:
The Open Harvester Systems is being developed for several purposes:
1. To provide a free, easy-to-use way to download data from OAI-compliant archival sites.
2. To create metadata from OAI-compliant archival sites in Open Harvester Systems format.
3. To share the metadata through the mailing list and the Internet.
4. To share the metadata through the Web.
5. To use OJS or OCS to distribute the metadata created by Open Harvester Systems.
6. To allow people to make their own indexes using OJS or OCS, publish them to the mailing list, or the Internet.
How to Use Open Harvester Systems:
Step 1. Install the database. You must install the Open Harvester System Database before using the Web site or any of the client software to create indexes.
Step 2. Create a new index.
Open Harvester Systems is not your typical SQL database. It has a number of unique features that make it very powerful and efficient. If you are new to databases, we suggest reading our User Guide for the database before you begin. Open Harvester Systems makes it very easy to create a custom index using OJS or OCS.
We can use Open Harvester Systems to create custom indexes for Open Archives Initiative-compliant archival sites such as the ones listed below.

If you are already using OAI-compliant archives, such as sites using OJS or OCS, you can also make an Open Harvester Systems-compatible index of the metadata from those archives.

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