Seven Accounting Stock Icons Crack Download 2022 [New]

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Seven Accounting Stock Icons License Keygen Download [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

Finance icons, accounting icons and accounting templates are available in this pack.
Our goal is to provide you the most useful and high quality stock business and finance icons collection that exists on the Internet.
All icons are in PNG format and are easy to edit, compatible with a wide range of graphic applications.

Bank Icons – High quality bank icons made specifically for use with financial software, app developers and web sites. Design your banking app and site with our bank icons.

Money Icon – For creating accounts, money exchange and money transfer software.

What’s in the pack

A set of 6×6 icons developed specifically for real estate, finance and insurance sectors:

Stock Icons – These icons can be used for real estate, finance, insurance and other stock companies

iStock Icon Set – iStock Icon Set is a beautiful set of 36 high quality vector icons and backgrounds covering a wide range of subjects.


We also provide you an easy-to-use Excel template that allows you to generate an Excel-based icon from the font icon or stock icons you are already using in your projects. If you are using the font icon for the first time, you will only need to choose an Excel template and the rest of the icons will be generated for you. You can resize or modify the generated Excel icon without any effort.

Seven Accounting Stock Icons

This is a collection of high-quality illustrations and icons for the banking sector. This set of graphics has been created to provide your software applications with the most realistic and useful visual components available. Feel free to use these icons as part of your own design and develop web sites, software applications, or app. You can also use these icons to create apps of your own.

With this set of stock icons you are provided with a wide selection of illustrations and icons that make your projects stand out. This set of icons comes in an easy-to-work-with styles and colors, which makes it ideal for use in many different projects:

Real estate

Online stores

Brand identity

Landing pages

Web sites

Work on projects that make use of the stock icons listed above includes:

Capitalize on

Seven Accounting Stock Icons

Stock Icons – This set is a set of 36 high-quality illustrations covering a wide range of subjects. Feel free to use these illustrations as part of your own design and develop web

Seven Accounting Stock Icons

This stock full of business icons for a wide range of established businesses in finance and insurance sector covers all the most important features of the sector. After all the business involves processing of money and a critical need for precise accounting records, so the icons are designed in accordance with the needs of accounting software users.

Seven Business Icons is a fabulous and professional set of more than 150 decorative and highly detailed illustrative icons for web and software development.
This pack contains over 150 Business related icons.The icons are neatly arranged and are well described so that you can easily use them in your project without needing to bother about a detailed explanation.

Seven Business Icons includes:

Make Offer








Inventory Checkout

Inventory Retrieve


My Account

My Orders

Purchase Order



Order Received



Invoice Paid








Life Insurance

Health Insurance






Paid Insurance

No Insurance

New Insurance

Workers Comp







Thank You

8 pages

3.4 MB

Free for download

Business icons are the graphics that allow the designer to represent the different aspects of their field of action. First drafts of an assignment, an ad campaign, a new product – all are represented in icons. A sample assignment is: a client asking you to create a specific report, we use a specific icon to illustrate the report. And so on and so forth.

Icons that describe and illustrate these elements are called icons and they have been used for years. Probably because a picture is worth a thousand words, an icon is worth a thousand icons.

Since the beginning of the century, graphic design icons had undergone a big evolution, the First Stock Icons set was released at mid of the century with great success. A new definition was added, icons were not just a collection of graphics, but design objects as well.

The Second Stock Icons set was released in

Seven Accounting Stock Icons (April-2022)

Finance sector includes businesses and organizations that create, manage, distribute, borrow or invest money. Finance sector is the financial industry, both its clients and its employees. Financial industry trades with cash and shares, and uses financial institutions, such as banks and other financial institutions and the government to manage money. Finance is about contracts, accounting, and interest. Some of the institutions in this industry include banks, credit card companies, investment banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds, insurance companies, and stock exchanges. Finance sector can also include other organizations in the financial industry such as banks, stock exchanges, stock brokerage companies, mutual funds, and credit unions. Also includes finance leaders, finance politicians, finance leaders, finance related jobs, finance management jobs, finance finance careers, finance professionals, finance founders, finance leaders, finance organizations, finance community, finance institutes, finance schools and finance foundation.

Finance (letter of credits) Icons:

This stock icon set presents premium business icons about letter of credits. These icons are provided in two sizes and four color schemes (Minimal, Flat, Blue, and Green). There are icons for typical letter of credit formats, including letter of credit statement, letter of credit wire transfer (Routing order), letter of credit request and exchange. You can use them to depict the following things in your presentations, presentations, ads, websites, software, blogs and online services: Letter of credit, letter of credit application, letter of credit acceptance, letter of credit confirmation, letter of credit request, letter of credit reporting, letter of credit detail, letter of credit rejection, letter of credit credit converter, letter of credit credit demand letter, letter of credit letter of credit statement, letter of credit letter of credit request, letter of credit letter of credit request wire transfer, letter of credit letter of credit template.

Finance (balances) Icons:

This set of business icons provides all the items required to create a work of art in design. Seven Accounting Stock Icons includes more than 60 professional and creative icons, which are suitable for every stage of design process, from creating a project to print. These icons are prepared in layers that can be added and arranged one over another to get the desired result. A smart icon on the modern style is a piece of art, so these icons are designed to fit your works in the highest standards. Each icon is provided in three standard sizes (8, 16, 48 px) and in two color schemes (Minimal, Flat). There

What’s New in the Seven Accounting Stock Icons?

These truly represent a company’s stock exchange, a company’s financial statements and accounts, and other corresponding charts or graphs. It is impossible to list here all the items included in this set.

Just for fun?

This is a truly marvelous set of icons!

It includes currency (such as US $, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan, Euro, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Philippine peso, and South Korean won), shapes of money (dollar bill, Euro, folder and coin), tax forms, tabs and tabs of Excel and Outlook software, business cards, charts, graphs, and a wonderful collection of icons for icons itself. If you liked our Simple Exchange Icons, you’ll love this one as well!
The download includes two sets:
A set of “rich” icons – with standard 256 color Look & Feel.
A set of “poor” icons – with 256 color Look & Feel.
View installation instructions here (PDF)
View the tutorial here (PDF)

This set of 8 business icons (icons) is really simple but very efficient.

You may use it for your websites, software applications or blogs or simply for fun!

We hope you’ll find everything you need in this set!

Don’t forget to rate the set! It is a great motivation for us to develop more sets!

These real estate industry stock icons are so small and colorful that they will look good even in very small size on your computer desktop.

We will choose only the highest resolution icon images that will fit well on your desktop.

If you want to get desktop wallpaper with these images on it, we have a perfect solution for you in our Stock Wallpapers section.

There is also a simple well-formatted HTML page with a ready-to-use HTML code for developers to embed these icons to their applications or websites.

This great collection of business icons is absolutely free for your personal and commercial use.

Additionally, you will receive a license key that you may use for free unlimited downloads and updates until July 2015.

We hope you’ll find the set useful!

These business icons are tiny – just 36 KB in size.

Even if you’re into super-fast downloading and/or have a limited bandwidth connection, you will find them to be

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
HDD: 10 GB free
Graphics: 3D Card supporting DirectX 9.0c
OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM

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