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House V0.9.3 License Key


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Please contribute! With your help, we can make this project better. Version The license has been changed to  . Version Version Version Version
A wiki page dedicated to ARMS was created. If you’d like to help, feel free to contribute a short text describing the game. v0.9.3.1 * Licensing changed from MIT to CC BY-NC-SA (non-commercial) v0.9.2.2 * Optimised camera animation v0.9.2.1 * Memory leak in Alerts fixed
Target’s Resistance Mutation mechanic works properly. v0.9.2.1 * Footsteps are disabled
All Bink 1.x bugs (mostly dead-locks) were fixed.
The last remnants of the old behaviour in v0.9.1 have been removed.
Readme was added to the Windows executable.
The translation system was made much more robust.
Some messages were removed that might have confused some players.
The engine and libraries are now included in file.
Some minor changes were made to the Windows executable.
The X32 executable now includes a.dll file.
Some warnings were added.
Localization bugs fixed. v0.9.1.1.
Protected targets take 30 damage from bullets.
Pop-up windows were corrected on Windows.
Patch for X32 users added. v0.9.1.1 * Windows exceptions fixed
Alignment of materials with renderers was corrected.
The game could hang at XRender errors.
Some UI bugs fixed.
Caching improvements. v0.9.1.0 * Obscured version sent to Musium for the first time
Ignores images or parts of the image when shooting bullets. The explosion and message are not affected. Original version is available to download.
Depending on the window manager, you may see some glitches in screen shots. v0.9.0.0 * Raiden is a fugitive.
He’s been on the run for 6 years now and has been sentenced to death. As a final act of defiance, he takes over a space station and holds it for ransom.
The player controls Raiden through the station’s security system.
Space station is fully destructible. v0

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