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Choose the keyboard shortcut (default is CTRL + WIN + N) that will activate the screensaver with the last active window.
Also, you can choose the background color, the background pattern, and the time interval (0 – 100 minutes).
Key Features:
Realistic 3D environments
User-friendly interface
Automatic Restart option
Please note: This screensaver is compatible with computers running the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Galaxia Galaxy Shoot (GalaxyShoot) is an original and modern 3D shoot ‘em up, with an epic story. You play an intergalactic pilot who must go against the cyber-neon invasion and defend the galaxy.
Featuring the most immersive 3D graphics technology available on the PC, Galaxy Shoot makes high quality 3D experiences available to everyone.
High quality 3D gameplay
Full motion video (FMV)
New addictive scoring system
Music and sound effects
Environments and bosses from many levels
Gamepad and keyboard support
Intuitive joystick controls
Multi player modes (Shoot & Match)
To keep up with the speed of the game, you have to press the space bar to activate the shields.
Each time you let go of the space bar, you lose a shield that will protect you from enemy attacks.

A sci-fi/fantasy shooter that will test your speed and reflexes.
In this futuristic shooter game, you’ll have to survive in an ever-changing battleground. Explore the same two environments in four different episodes. Each episode features increasingly difficult challenges.
Intuitive and responsive controls
Special effects and adjustable effects settings
A complete storyline that includes 20 beautiful stages
Four unique environments
An extensive item list
Two types of weapons
An enjoyable main storyline with game over screens
A soundtrack by Stan Petralia, composer of the 4×4 series
On the multiplayer level, you can try to become the best player on the planet.
You can play with the computer or with other players in an online game. You can challenge the A.I. or your friends in a game or in a duel.
In duels, you’ll have to choose between two A.I. opponents and attack them.
You can choose between two different settings: The challenge setting will randomly assign one of the dueling A.I. as the host and the other as the guest.

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KEYMACRO is a plugin that aims to provide a convenient method of using and editing “key macros”. They are pretty much the equivalent of key bindings in a lot of other applications.
For example, one can create a macro that emulates pressing a button (or moving the mouse), and it will always result in performing the same action, such as opening a certain folder, or resizing a window to a certain size. This can help considerably in terms of ergonomics, as it is much simpler to use.
Now let’s see how it works. Once foobar2000 is installed, you’ll be able to access the ‘Preferences’ window, in which you’ll find a ‘Keymacro’ panel, which is the entry point for defining new macros. You can also access this panel in the plugin manager (for example, when foobar2000 is running in the background), or by pressing the hotkey associated to it.
The top part of the window shows a list of available key macros, sorted by type.
Just select the key macro you want to use, and click the button ‘Add’. The new action will be added to the list of macros that can be used as ‘hotkeys’.
To test the key macro, simply open the ‘Preferences’ window, go to the ‘Keymacro’ section and press the ‘Hotkey’ button. It will display a list of all macros that can be used as hotkeys, so you can select one that you like and test it by pressing it.
Each key macro can also be assigned a default shortcut. If you set a shortcut for a macro, it will be used whenever you press the hotkey.
KEYMACRO is very similar to the recently-added ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ plugin, except that it does not apply to some hotkeys that are out of the plugin’s scope, namely, those related to mouse movement and navigation.
The main difference is that keymacro requires foobar2000 to be running in order for it to work. You will not be able to view the macro list or the list of available hotkeys until foobar2000 is running. This difference makes sense, as keymacro will be of no use if you don’t have a keyboard to operate foobar2000 with.
Another difference is that keymacro does not provide any user-friendly visualization of the hotkeys. Nevertheless, it is a very useful tool to have at your disposal, so it can be a great help when

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