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– Easily create SQL queries
– Build queries for multiple databases
– Generate highly detailed SQL queries
– Load metadata and filter it
– Generate statistics
– Generate INSERT statements and automatically update data
– Fully customizable and works with both C++ Builder and Delphi
Download the demo version or purchase the full version
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Any argument against accepting stolen answers?

I have a general policy (though I may have overlooked a problem) of not upvoting questions or answers unless I can be certain that the author(s) of the answer are the real author(s). This also applies to questions.
But I am having a problem accepting answers from anonymous users (who often provide correct answers).
Let’s say I am a user who has accepted an answer to a question that I believe is both a valid answer to the question and written by a legitimate user. I would not expect a high-reputation user (e.g., someone who has reputation of 500 or more) to have posted the same answer.
But if an anonymous user has posted the same correct answer, should I accept it anyway? The user might well be trying to get reputation by posting a correct answer, and then commenting anonymously. In this case, I can’t be sure that the user is the same user as the one who posted the answer.
When I have commented to the author to confirm that the answer is by the same user, the author normally responds by telling me that it’s a correct answer, or that it’s a plagiarism. This makes sense in many cases, but sometimes, the author doesn’t respond at all. I don’t think that this is due to the fact that I left a comment.
So, should I accept the answer anyway?


But if an anonymous user has posted the same correct answer, should I accept it anyway?

Yes. There are many cases where somebody answers your question and they are not the real author. It happens that they post it to a website to give you a free answer or just because they are a very bright person and wants to help you (or for many other reasons). However, as long as you can be sure of the author, you should accept the answer.
Remember that accepting an answer to your question marks it as “accepted” by you. So, even if the real author does not respond 384a16bd22

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